Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the substitute...

what is love?? this question has different ways of being answered depending whom its asked.
today i wish to talk bout those few people who are ready to give their everything for that one person they love. asking for nothing in return...world calls them by different names, their act is treated insane but to them the only thing they know is they are in love...an ode to them...the unsung " substitutes "....

Used, yet so unused
Wanted, yet not wanted
There, yet never there
This is the life of a substitute....

There is so much she wants to say
Tell him how she feels today
But why is it, that he would care
He makes her quite, with just a stare...

Suppressing what she feels inside
She puts on a smile, and tries to hide
The pain and the heart that cries
Makes her bleed from deep inside...

He speaks to her without a care
Hardly wanting to know what she needs to share
She tries to make him stay, make him smile
At least be there for a while...

She wants to have him, all life long
Not wanting to share him, with anyone around
There is nothing she wouldn't do
Only for him to say, i love you...

She knows she is not the one
For him, if not her there's still someone
Alas, but shes the wretched one
With him her life is all said and done...

None other, will she see
With no one else, will she even be
She seems to be caught in this tricky maize
Always praying for better days...

For the world, they are still going around
So much in love, all happy and sound
But the scene behind the curtains does anyone know
Who is happy; who is low...

Continues her days in this rate
Praying for betterment in her fate
Up until then there's one thing she knows
Her love for him would never go....