Sunday, February 28, 2010

Angel Of Love

I sit here thinking, its just you and me
Your head on my lap, like how it is meant to be
But as I stroke, your hair that's brown
I can see them waiting, to pull the curtains; bring them down

For almost a decade you led this show
You were my anchor, my sail you did row
Never to give up, always on top
You even did the salsa, with the maid's mop

With a squeaky little bark you entered this gate
You were so scared, thought everything was a bait
Refused to eat, refused to stay quite
My tiny warrior, greeted everybody with a bite

Water was our enemy, oh the #1
Bath time was a ruckus, yet so much fun
There you stood all cleaned and fanned
But once we turn around, you were rolling on the sand

Was it Scooby Doo that I made you watch
Which had to be seen,sitting on the couch
How would you explain, our game of 'Sniff and Trail'
You were a detective, mission 'Criminal's Tail'

All were welcomed, a waggy bushy tail
When you jumped to say 'Hello', they turned pale
You were a darling, not just mine
Seeing you fool around, made everybody's day go fine

Reckless and arrogant, that's who I was
Yet you always loved me, without a pause
Unconditional love, unflinching faith
You stood by me even when I believed, this world was fake

Every little thing I shared with you
You knew it all, others just a few
My tears and my joy, those little evil plans in between
You were my best bud, all through my teen

Now you are surrounded by people you know
No one can smile, hearts heavy; low
This was not how it was meant to be
There was so much more, together, we had to see

As I hold you now, not wanting to leave
I shall remember our time, never ever grieve
And though the messengers of death, surround you now
You shall forever be my Venus- My Angel of Love...

Venus ( Aug 30/2000 - Mar 3/2010)