Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still waiting...

Every drop of rain that falls, makes me think of you
The wind too blows in your way, forcing me a view
Am sitting watching dreaming, hoping you will come to me
And we shall be together, like how it's meant to be

I remember the days gone by, when it was only me and you
Spent time watching the night go by, day turning new
The smile that crossed on your face, with every word I said
I dint even have to speak it out, my very eyes you read

Wonder when did the distance creep, why did you go away
Still know inside my heart, you will come my way
There's nothing more I pray for, nothing but for you
And just for your very glimpse i'll stand the longest queue

I close my eyes stretch my hand, hoping you will hold
As a breeze pases beside me, I shiver in this cold
Am sitting watching dreaming, hoping you will be with me
And we will be together, like how it's meant to be...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beautiful Stranger

Hey you, as I see you go
I feel an arrow pierce me through cupid's bow
Tell me your name, Tell me your story
Stranger, your smile gives me reasons to be merry

Wait up, now don't you leave
Trying to get up I tear my sleeve
I don't understand whats happening to me
But it looks like its with you, I wish to be

You must be something, there's something in you
Such feelings I feel for so very few
Don't be afraid, oh its not a snare
Its with you, my heart I wish to bare

Now you look at me, give me a smile
Pass me your no' to give you a dial
Agree for a coffee but don't call it a date
Is being together our very fate

Not going to mess this, nor shall push too fast
Have a feeling this is meant to last
You want to take it slow, live in the now
But I wonder, is this what people call 'LOVE'...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Love..

Sitting here and watching the world go by
My heart gives out, a silent sigh
Wonder where you are or how you been
It's been so long, since my eyes have seen

Hand in hand we sat, you held me tight
Even when in darkness, I was guided by your light
Looking into your deep set eyes, I felt so bold
To be with you, my very soul; I would have sold

Nothing more did I long to see
Forever yours, I wished to be
You promised to always be by my side
Alas you left my hand, when tough became the ride

When am alone, I can still hear you sing
Look at my finger, it still craves for your ring
Swear this is true ask the ones sitting in the skies
If your love was true, you would have heard me through my eyes

We did choose our ways, you and I
But it still feels so tough, to say goodbye
If it really is as we say, all over now
Why my eyes still moist, I still feel you; My Love...