Monday, November 22, 2010

Love The Way You Lie

You pick up the phone, to give me a call
Ask me what was it, I said bout the ball
You remember, it makes me feel nice
For you though, its just a game of dice

Your plans ain't made, for that said day
It wouldn't harm you, to go out for a play
Think about it, say you will get back to me
So many years now, its through you I see

Deep down, am still love's fool
Try to follow, all those said rule
Begin dreaming, wear the black dress
Cross my fingers, don't want another mess

I wait now, for the familiar door's knock
The ticking clock; looks at me, starts its mock
Tale oft repeated, been through this before
Now there's nothing, no love nor sore

You come back, just as we know
Begin your song, hit off at doe'
I don't feel bad, I don't sigh
Its just that, I love the way you lie...