Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Christmas Wish

Wishing upon ever star I see
Just one wish it will always be
Cross my heart, close my eyes
A thought I send, to the three men wise

Rode across miles, distant long
In their hearts suppressed, a song
To lay at the feet, of their young king
Mercy received the departed, a wing

Angels around, peace everywhere
The world now had, someone to care
Them too I call upon, listen to my plea
Ask for pure joy, not just another glee

Something to hold on to, something I can trust
With passing time, that wont turn to dust
No glory nor fame, neither riches nor fortunes
Don't want a kingdom, to be one day lost in ruins

The one above, you know it all
You see through me, break the outer wall
Just one name, my heart screams out
He alone, with no doubt

Want him to see, want him to feel
My life laid, for his very seal
To be embraced, within his strong arm
I shall kneel, singing every single psalm

My love, for you my heart does bleed
Its every alter, that I shall plead
Nothing i'll ever need, but your love
Its you love, My Christmas Wish...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Let It Be Me

All I ever want is to have somebody call my name
Pull me tight and hold me; Tell me this is not a game
Someone who would see through all the smiles
And for the smile run distant miles

For all the world this someone, might just be another stranger, man
But for my living, this is the one because of whom I am
All I want is to be by your side
Its in your eyes that I wish to hide

As I see you now I feel the world coming to a stop, for me
Everything disappears, its only you that I can see
No other way will I have it now
Just you baby, I just need your love

Every breathe that I take, every song that I make; Is for you
Nothing that I wouldn't , only if you do tell me how to start a new
All my life, for you I will be
For once love, with you, let it be me.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Best For Last

Even when the world, is dark and grey
Your lost for words, don't know what to say
There is no light , shining anywhere
And you feel there's no one for you to care

Hope is lost, before its found
Despair all around, you feel so bound
You sit down, tears fill your eyes
No friendly face, just stares of ice

Your screaming out, but there's no voice
Look around all you see is lies
None to hold, no one to share
Every step its another snare

But believe what I say is true
You still can trust, there are a few
Smile on your face, will soon reside
You'll forget, you even once had cried

Every tunnel end, does shine a light
Stand up straight, my dear, brave the fight
Live in the now, let go the past
For life does keep, the best for last..