Saturday, January 22, 2011

Whiskey Lullaby

A random thought, din't know the pain would last so long
Umpteen rights, yet nothing to undo that one wrong
Mistake it was, but not out of choice
And now all my life, feels like a bunch of lies

A listless wanderer, no aim nor place to go
None to call mine, neither friend nor foe
Trailing along with life, nothing to feel
Just me to blame, I made this deal

Cut's untold bled, drinks uncounted drowned
Can't let go, unseen bond I am bound
Been there, seen it, done it all
Yet there is no rising, from my fall

Stand here do I, unknown to me
Forget other's, its me I don't see
To my very soul, stranger am I
Hoping for relief, at least when I die

A drink it is, what difference would it make
Even for a while, happiness it can't fake
Why drag, an end well known
We should reap, what we have sown

Courage they say, needed to end dear life
But is it better, to live bleeding with a knife
Steel on skin, slowly trickles blood
Finally peace, my being does flood

Watching the scene, the angels wonder
Is living that bad, they ponder
Surrounding their wings, ease my pain
With their whiskey lullaby, my tears do rain