Monday, June 16, 2014

Ever So Deep...

The sun may set, the winter must
Darkness prevail, strength turns to dust
Hearts do bleed, never to sing
Yet does survive, the shine on the ring

A hundred tales, promises made
Holds close to thee, an unstained spade
Words left unsaid, tears do flow
But in our hearts, faith does glow

Tough are the times when the eyes don't see
When the known path, leads away from lee
Drizzle does the rain, hailstorms we feel
And the faintest trace of joy, farces a steal

Hold we must, for what we believe
Tremble though now, morrow relieve
The rising sun, never shall hide
Dawn arise, our dreams reside

Meant together, and we shall be
Smiles and blushes, life of glee
Every vow made, we will keep
Stronger grows our love, ever so deep

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Living Dead

A tiny bleed, ignored at sight
Nothing grave, its taken so light
Slow it flows, makes no noise
All the while, practice the perfect poise

Unaware of the moment, harm was done
Ignore the signs, would rather run
Forget we then, care to take
Instead a smile, we so well fake

Deeper grows, the cut that's made
The knife remains, though the shadow fade
Slowly inching closer still
And yet not making most of the kill

Seems so perverse, the joy it seeks
Pain forged in fire, blood it reeks
Never to stop , never to go
Your heart's your own, friend and foe

Eyes that once shone, summers spark
Now gleam winter, cold and dark
A shadow of what, once was I
Prayer whispered, as I will to die