Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Little Kite

A dream held, ever so close
In a heart, with tight shut doors
Afraid was I, to say it out
Attempt a step forward, whilst in doubt

Would it be wrong, to make a wish
Were they just musings, to go in a swish
How fair is it, to live for self
Ain't it more sense, to hide in a shelf

But still did fancy, a life for me
Happiness and tears, a choice to be
Where the air I breathe, would be mine
Maybe circles and loops, thoughts on line

Across the seas, did my reverie fly
On my terms to live, and one day die
Deep within I held this joy
Yet I remained, fate's toy

Slowly seeped light, could feel the air
Unaware to self, little did dare
Stretched my hand, tried to touch
Slight bliss, meant so much

For once I smiled, cause it felt nice
I could soar, even with the ties
Head held high, sun shining bright
To actually live, felt so right

Don't want to lose, what I hold
Refuse though I, dreams to be sold
A life for me, is what I seek
And soon shall the sea, meet the mountain's peek.