Saturday, October 3, 2015

Birds of Peace

No noise, no cries, nor the crowd
A house I build, hush not so loud
Softly I whisper, this secret to you
Where am I, know but a few

Lived once did I, in the city for all
Everybody brethren, I did call
In love and faith, built my world
Flag of peace, in my heart furled

A smile I had, a song I sang
Good cheer in my life, always rang
Thought this, is forever
We would all live, together

Celebrate did we, in another's joy
Life was precious , not a toy
Shared our sorrows, and happiness too
Believing this tale, we grew

However; short lived this, a storm brew
Away from us, love blew
Those we called, our very own
Blamed us for their moan

The smile, that greeted us once
Gnarled now, ready to pounce
Compassion, that met us before
Seemed like stories of lore

Was asked, who am I
My answer, they said was a lie
Crumbled around me, the life built
Dead inside, don't know my guilt

Dragged and thrown, out on the street
Where were the one's, who once did greet
Burnt and beaten, robbed and thrashed
In front of me, my life lay smashed

Lost and hungry, nowhere to go
Had no answers, who be friend or foe
Crawl did I, scared to walk
There was no voice, I could not talk

Here I am, refuse to give up
Though no feast, I offer you a sup
Believe do I, there is love still alive
Soon shall the birds, of peace fly

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