Saturday, March 7, 2009

aut amat

aut amat aut odit mulier, nihil est tertium............................

I find myself standing on the road,
Something feels heavy, oh yes it's the load,
A burden that needs to be carried all the way,
Something which wont depart on any given day...

Time stands still, when i think of him,
Looking at me from atop his glasses rim,
The inquisitive look, the impish smile,
How was i to know it was only a lie...

Hand in hand did we stand,
On the shores of long lost sand,
You with me, i with you,
Felt more beautiful than early morning dew...

Away from the worlds eyes,
Atop the mountain highs,
Over the cities, over the towns,
High above the ground so brown...

Not a trifle of doubt in my mind,
What fault in me did you find,
I loved you more with every breath,
And wanted to be with you even after death...

The smile on your lips when yo thought of me,
Replaced by a frown, like bitter tea,
My voice to you sounds worse than a bark,
And i was the one you once called a lark...

Shunned me away, treated me like dirt
Nothing changed even after our son's birth
To look at your blood is all i asked of you
But you went away looking for somebody new...

To give away the child, is what i was told
But love for you in my heart, i still do hold
How do i let go, proof of our love
Only because things between us has changed so much now...

Why do you make me curse
When it is you i want to nurse
Collision of love and hate
I so dint want in my fate...

I cant hate you, but i need to move on
This cant be done, until your gone
Looking at you brings tears hidden
Apologies is something you still didn't

Our son takes his first step
His favorite seems to be johnny depp
Eager to mouth dad is my little one
How do i tell him, dad dint want this son...

Why do you stand so away my dear
Do come closer to your near
Eyes filled with mist as they lay
And look up at the milky way...

Far away i see the way
I know now what i would do this day
Pack my bags am ready to leave
Not now, sometime later i shall grieve...

Blood on my hands, i never wanted
But your sins need to be jotted
I pull the trigger and all i see is blood
Now am engulfed in misery, a different flood...

a women either loves or hates, there is no third course...