Thursday, December 17, 2015

Do You Want To Build a Snowman..

Do you want to build a Snowman
Amiss the reindeer that ran
Do you want to make him smile, make him dance
And tell him stories of old romance

Whisper secrets in his ears
Watch him shoo, all your fears
Spend your time, by his side
Together into dreams, you ride

Do you want to build a Snowman
Remember the dreams from which you ran
Words of the world, you did hear
Dismissed your wishes with a tear

How you built your castles, with bricks of joy
It was real to you, not mere toy
A world you wished to build
Of your own, with love you filled

Lets bring back the child, we once were
Of the tyranny and malicious world, unaware
Trust we did and love we felt
With a smile, the cards we dealt

Chase then the rainbow
Let us let the dreams flow
Take a step, to who we were
Free our hearts, let it bare

Be a butterfly, you want to chase
With the horses, let us race
Let us go back then, when believe we did
Alive we lived, on our dreams we bid

Do you want to build a Snowman
Live the life you always wanted, you sure can
Own your life, its not set in stone
For you my dear, are a miracle on your own

Monday, October 12, 2015

Blessed be..

Bringer of goodness and joy
For whom difficulties, mere toy
Dear are you, to all the God's
On this auspicious day, I welcome you my Lord

Come into my life, make it whole
May your path, be my goal
In your grace, May I always be
Dear Mother, I welcome thee

Dispel the darkness, on my bay
May your wisdom guide my way
By your word, fortune shall sway
Welcome Dear Mother, this I pray

I invoke you, with all my heart
May my life, be your art
Dear Hecate, in you I place my trust
Things will resolve, if you must

That which you make,
No man can break
Bless us my Lord, shower your grace
That we may win, this life - a race

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Birds of Peace

No noise, no cries, nor the crowd
A house I build, hush not so loud
Softly I whisper, this secret to you
Where am I, know but a few

Lived once did I, in the city for all
Everybody brethren, I did call
In love and faith, built my world
Flag of peace, in my heart furled

A smile I had, a song I sang
Good cheer in my life, always rang
Thought this, is forever
We would all live, together

Celebrate did we, in another's joy
Life was precious , not a toy
Shared our sorrows, and happiness too
Believing this tale, we grew

However; short lived this, a storm brew
Away from us, love blew
Those we called, our very own
Blamed us for their moan

The smile, that greeted us once
Gnarled now, ready to pounce
Compassion, that met us before
Seemed like stories of lore

Was asked, who am I
My answer, they said was a lie
Crumbled around me, the life built
Dead inside, don't know my guilt

Dragged and thrown, out on the street
Where were the one's, who once did greet
Burnt and beaten, robbed and thrashed
In front of me, my life lay smashed

Lost and hungry, nowhere to go
Had no answers, who be friend or foe
Crawl did I, scared to walk
There was no voice, I could not talk

Here I am, refuse to give up
Though no feast, I offer you a sup
Believe do I, there is love still alive
Soon shall the birds, of peace fly

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Let it be...

The battle done, rest my sword
And all I see, is blood around
Tried to avoid, this for long
Knowing it came to this, feels so wrong

Look up now, tears stream down my face
Everywhere I see, just ablaze
Try to stand, maybe move
Things had to be done, behoove

How long then, can one lie
Live for the world, but inside die
Ask but, was this the only way 
And I pray, it ends this day

Played my cards, all of them
Let it stop, this condemn
They call it precious, a gift
Dear Mother, let it not drift

In your name, laid my trust
Make it right, do what is must
Am your child, look up to you
No more tears, a life brand new

No fame or glory, do I ask for
Just to live my life, forever more
No conditions, no more pretense
Only happiness and joy, so be hence

Hecate, Goddess of dark night
I call upon you, to make things right
Transform all the negative, thoughts and pain
And help my life, be whole again

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Burn Them All...

A little dream, held in my heart
To live my life, right from the start
I did trail , the path before
In search of the promised lore

Lied and hurt, have I always been
In the rain, so my tears are not seen
Broken and bent , so many times
All my dreams, forgotten lines

This life that I have - is mine
To live then, should I pine
Every night now that I sleep
Is it fair, that I weep

Lost were my hopes, when I found you
Made me smile, gave me a life brand new
Dreams again , and to build there was will
Held me strong, as we went past the hill

Strangers were we, till the Gods thought else
Lord Mother, too did bless
To live and die, but together
Our love is, meant to be forever

The world we live in , nothing is pure
People around, control by fear
This that we have, to break they try
To have their way, oh how they lie

Men cant bend, what the Gods did make
To the Supreme , our cause I take
At stake I put, every prayer - merit gained
To stop this lie, self pretend

I call on to them , to hear my plea
For at their feet, is my lee
Always did trust, no question asked
By your grace, glory I have basked

Loved you have I , conscious clear
More than my life, Gods you are dear
Say the word, I give myself to you
But this lie of life, may the hours number few

On my knee, I call you forth
Forgive me please, if I have invoked your wrath
Eyes are wet, stretch my hand
Beloved Lord Mother, help me stand

None I have, but for you
Help me Mother, for I love you
Reason for my tears, make them fall
Dear Mother, Burn them All...

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Game of Thorns..

" When you play the Game of Thrones , you either win or die..."

In a realm not far away
Lived folks, in their own sway
Led their lives, day in and out
In angels grab, they all fought

For none , did they care
For others, did they keep a snare
Happiness they earned, through another's tears
Delight did they, in spreading fears

The same blood, they did swear
But off others joy, they did lair
Seeds they planted, of hate around
With lies they built, an army surround

Viscous was the air, they lived
Wanted everyone to do their bid
A doctrine to be followed, they pass
Many fell prey, alas .

Winter winds, though cold and harsh
But they gave life, in the marsh
A plant little , presumed dead
Was given hope, love now led

The sun shone bright, sky was clear
Winter winds, now so dear
In its bosom, the sampling grew
For their destiny , faith had drew

What was lost, was found again
Smiles replace, tears and pain
Air was filled with joy and cheer
Life envisioned, beautiful and clear

Blossomed now, a beautiful tree
Live with winter, in their lee
But the world around , refused their side
In angels grab, they hid and lied

Festivities asked, tears they got
To support them, there was no thought
Long has it been, that this game is played
Should the true, always be dead

Battle lines, drawn out now
Lift our swords , name of love
If everything is fair, in love and war
May the Gods decide, who lives or dies for

Monday, April 27, 2015


Heart, that beats in pain
Hands, crimson with stain
That, which grows deeper in time
Cant cover, with any mime

Deep inside, a pit I feel
Moment of peace, wish to steal
Eyes turned cold, tears streamed
Known once, for the smile they beamed

Battle fought, source my own
Every hit, corrodes the bone
Blood shed, colour same
All hail, the very name

Every blow, bleeds more than blood
Drowning deep, the sorrow flood
No victory it is, that I seek
Will to live, so very bleak

Freedom of choice, be the ask
To grant, is it a task
Be it right, maybe wrong
I be the author, of my own song

To live today, one day die
The journey, not be a lie
Every sunrise, be my own
Want you too, be not alone

My first step, took it with you
Always been, your own view
Lived and loved, in your shade
At your feet, my dreams have I laid

Listen , please - I am your voice
Let us end, this game of dice
Brethren - so called , play their game
All for, long forgotten fame

A glory bestowed, not earned by them
Connected how, only by stem
Graves do cry, for deceit they see
Riches cared, one day shall flee

All are the same, you and I
Makes it clear, the one sitting high
Fears I know, but please see ahead
Fence so built, let us please mend

There may be joy, and happiness too
Life is a mystery, we hold no clue
Nothing lasts forever, we are but clay
Keep no bounty, I don't have to pay