Saturday, May 29, 2010


You took my hand, looked at me, led me to the dance
Saw your eyes, don't know how I slipped into a trance
You had me taken, the minute you said 'Hello'
I was all your's, matching my feet to the cello

You pulled me close, placed your hands on my hips
Couldn't wait for a kiss to be placed on my lips
So what if we are in a crowd and everybody's around
You've numbed my senses, blocked every single sound

I cant wait to tell the world your mine
Only for you my lines seem to rhyme
I can see you with our kids in the car
Oopsi!!! Am I jumping too far... ;)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fool For You...

" 'Love Is Blind' so said Shakespeare so many times, ages ago. He couldn't have been more right. We know it all, see it all and yet go on to be what they call 'Love Fool'".

A sham, a lie; Was it really this
Were these the one's which gave me bliss
Were it them that I believed every minute
To stare at me now, on my face to be hit

A lie, Was it all; Every single minute that we spent
For me the time, more sacred than the Holy Lent
Were the promises made then, just mere words
Or to fly away in time, mere birds

The dreams shared, were they only mere thoughts
Spoken to add cheer, in my life's drought
Was there really no truth, in anything then
Dint you ever really feel; Or did you always only feign

Tears well up in my eyes now
Made a fool of me, that's how
You were the only one I ever felt
To have you, every altar I had knelt

Turn around, look at me now
Don't tell me in my eyes, you cannot see the love
Why is it you call me a stranger today
Say a word, this very minute for you my life I shall lay

Don't see anything, am I lost
What have I done, that I pay this cost
Can't give up on you; Or lock away the memories in some forgotten shelf
Loosing you I feel am loosing myself

I can't go, any further from here
Only you I see, nothing else is clear
You don't have to do a thing, just give me a cue
Happily I shall be, a FOOL FOR YOU...

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Mother's Heart

" Most often we take animals for granted. We do not realize they too feel. They feel love, loss and to them too their kids matter.."

She look's around not sure what to do
The time she spent with them were only so few
How is it that they disappeared today
To get more food she just went another way

Maybe its a game that they are playing
Strains her ears tries to hear them sing
They must be somewhere around, thats what she is praying
'Lord keep them safe, away from the hunter's ring'

Hopelessly she searches every single path
She's losing her trust, thinking everything is a farce
Somewhere deep within she holds tight her faith
And tries hoping for her pup's, a better fate

After days of unending search
She rests her head against a birch
Never to give up, always on the look out
She shall forever love them, without a doubt...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Only Your's...

This time, I hear you sing
The rush of your laughter heralds my spring
A warmth fills inside my heart
Is this, a brand new start

Been bitten once, am still shy
But there is something about you, that still gives me a high
I wanna take the leap, jump a hill
And tell the world...YOU ARE MINE

So many fights, sure lost count
Though at night, the tears do haunt
I don't have to fake a smile when your around
Just looking at you, my joy is found

Will never let go what we hold
So what if there are only storms, will face them bold
Its forever gonna be, just you and me
And for all my time's to come, am ONLY YOUR'S....