Saturday, July 10, 2010

Need You Now

Don't know what is it that am trying to do
Feel so pathetic, its me am trying to fool
Can't even look at myself, meet my own eyes
The world might believe, but how do I fall for my own lies

Who am I cheating, when I say I don't miss you
Who am I tricking, when I say I don't think of you
It's none but me, that I am hurting
Pick my phone again, try giving you a ring

Staying away does not feel right
Stay awake hoping you will call, every single night
Can't deny the pain nor the tears, that stab my heart
Damn, everything on target, bloody good dart

Want to scream your name, call out loud
But there is something invisible, keeping me bound
Want to break free, but don't think I can
And no beloved, this aint my any sinister plan

Just tell me once, you feel for me
You miss me too, and want us to be
That we can forget it all, begin anew
There's gonna be none, just me and you

This wall around me, shall break
I can smile again, don't have to fake
Shall do all I can, to prove to you my love
Don't know what else to say, I just need you now...