Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Getting Over You

Time I spend, trying to dream
Deep within, my heart starts to scream
Hold myself, scared to let go
Else shall be, worse than death's blow

It's not loneliness that scares me now
Dead long time, killed by love
But a feeling stronger, bigger than me
Looks me at my face, asks me to see

Close my eyes, scared of the sight
In my heart I know, what it might
Tried running away, hiding forever
Still it pulls me back, tells me 'never'

Touch of your lips, still lingers on
Meant to be, never was it drawn
Heart within quivers, increases its pace
Can spend all my life, just looking at your face

Am done with dying, living a farce
Don't like the light, prefer the dark
Shall wait forever, be it the longest queue
For there is no; NO Getting Over You...