Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Last Thread

Fingers crippled as I feel the lost
An unknown entity, yet above all cost
A shiver inside, can feel the sink
The pain within, how do I write it in ink

Had taken for granted, a piece of paper it was
Now without, a screech penetrates the heart, a glass
Shattered before, yet held with hope
Everything is slipping, an uneven slope

How do I explain, what it meant to me
Only by its look, my days were meant to be
Bits of my puzzle, held together with one piece
For this wall I have built, these were the only keys

Tell nothing no more, as I find myself moving away
A wandering soul, on an unknown bay
Fragile this feel, but to be molded like clay
If lost never found, the soothsayers say

The only ray in this lonely path
A trapped fugitive, escape; my eyes dart
Aimlessly wander, no where led
In the end a picture it was, My Last Thread

An End With No Death

Mourn do I, unspoken tears do spill
The splinters pierce, yet there is no kill
Funeral there is, but no pain or sorrow
Nor a smile, as I don't want to borrow

Stand I alone, as I feel the burn
Turning to flames, through the lessons I learn
Unspilt blood, loosing its colour
Screams from within, silence begins to holler

Disillusioned, by the way life is
Words which are lost, glee and bliss
Watching I see for what things are
Sentry at the heart, everyone does bar

Not necessary a period, signifies the end
Things still remain, returns end as a bend
No life it is, if counted by only the breath
At times nothing remains, An end with no death

Colour Week

Dedicated to all my friends in class (NMIT, Batch 07)

Wake up on a MONDAY, forced out of bed
Look around the wardrobe, find that RED
If you still waiting, for the start to sink
Cheer up, you may always wear PINK

Yesterday you pushed through, TUESDAY not so keen
Today too a code, that has to be seen
Think of all the sem's that'd passed, all thats been
Now to show your of this class, stick to your GREEN

Unity is shown, so they say
WEDNESDAY is up, and today is GRAY
Rest of the week still left to crack
Why just gray, you may also go BLACK

All these days, each a different hue
THURSDAY lets celebrate, a cloud of BLUE
If its a doc staying away, for an apple
We are engineers, lets come together, a shade of PURPLE

Bring out the bling, and all that clinker
Smile at each other, let go all blinker
ACCESSORISE your best, this is FRIDAY
Scream out your lungs, your heart do say

An angel or a ghost, SATURDAY is WHITE
Lets party this day, forget last night
Been together, three years now
Lets spend our final year, filled with love

Dear Teacher's...

Sitting in the backseat of my class
Hoping the questions give me a pass
I try to hide, do my little evil deeds
And then when caught, begin my pleads

Standing there in front of us all
You do know whose listening or having a ball
Yet, with a smile you let us be
Take your time, our deeds you want to see

Thinking of the latest excuse I walk your way
Still not sure what do I say this day
Look around, take a glimpse at my friends
Alas no help, just see the latest trends

Been here so long
You know whats hiding behind us all
You want to smile, tell us its OK
But your a teacher, these words you just cannot say

Returning to my seat, think of you
Touched my life, so very few
Wouldn't want to say it, wont show it out
Thanks to you, life would be better no doubt