Friday, September 28, 2012


Everything I believed in, feels so lost today
Thought I knew the path, but unknown is the way;
All those fairy tales of yore, seem so untrue
Wonder where I stand, don't know what to do.

Dreams I held, close to my heart,
Stripped am I, part by part.
Screams unheard, pain deep within,
If nothing is said yet, would it be a sin.

Gave them my sleep, my breathing thought
Fighting for them, would be a battle well fought;
What is it then, am I waiting for
Ain't it time, for me to win my war ?

"Don't give up, your dreams I believe"
Saying this, my courage you weave
Make me dream again, hold me tight
And with you beside, I again see the light.

Won't be lost again; for you shall find,
With you watching out; will never be blind.
Follows the rainbow, an ugly storm
Absolute love, being your true form.