Friday, October 26, 2012

I Love You

Are there words, to say how I feel
When my dreams have turned, to be real
There is joy, everywhere I see
And with you, forever I'll be

A wish I made, closing my eyes
Rainbows fill, the bright blue skies
As they open, I see your face
Now I know, joyful, are all my days

How do I express, this happiness I hold
Try speaking my heart, am told
Is there a way, to mouth what I feel so true
Think do I, looking for a clue

Pull me closer, hold me tight
You and me together, this is right
Words these are, but so few
Feels perfect, when said - I Love You

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Auld Lang Syne

Like an angel, you always guided me through
Like a shadow, you stood by me too
Like a knight, you were always there to protect me
And like my love, you held my heart's key

With love you filled, my very life
Answer to my prayers, did I become your wife
You held my hand forever, forgot did I to cry
And its with you I will be, even after I die

Breath's may be counted now, but you always made life count
Day's may be numbered now, but love was what it was all about
My every happy moment, you took on as your own
My share of sadness too, on your shoulders you did borne

Life has come to its end now, take leave must I
To say I am fine though, would be but a lie
Shudder at the thought of letting go, your hand that I hold
But as you hold me in your arms now, I feel a little bold

Always have I loved you, and forever I will
Let my eyes take you all, darling stay still
A tear in my heart I do feel, seeing you so sad
For Auld Lang Syne my dear, remember the joy's we've had

Auld Lang Syne my dear, smile when you wave
Auld Lang Syne my dear, our last kiss do save
Auld Lang Syne my dear, hold me tight as I leave
Auld Lang Syne my dear, I'll always be with you - do believe