Thursday, November 15, 2012

Am In Love With You

The rays of morning sun, fall on me
Wake up, thinking how the day will be
Your name, flashes across my phone
A gush of bliss, listening to your tone

Open my wardrobe, wonder what to wear
Sense your presence, smelling my hair
Feel like a princess, when your around
All my self doubts, distant drowned

Go through the day, clockwork it is
Sit for a while; it is you I miss
Surrounded by people, everybody known
Yet feels distant, for only you are my own

Because of you, I smile much more
With you beside, my dreams do soar
When your around, there is never a tear
All my thoughts and wishes, so very clear

That special look, in your eyes
Your smile, that makes everything nice
When your with me, everything is new
Oh baby, am in love with you