Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January to December

New resolutions, pop the bottles JANUARY is here
And along with new dreams, heralds a new year
Cheers scream loud, as we kiss each other
For us to walk together, there are miles further

Along comes cupid, armed with arrow and bow
FEBRUARY preaches love for friend and foe
Distance matters not when two hearts speak true
You and me together, fates with their hands drew

Chirpy notes sing the bird, perched on its branch
Head held high begins spring, its MARCH
In your arms so strong, forever I wish to be
Blush grows deeper when it is me, you see

Laugh a little, APRIL sings sweet
It is time for us, to meet and greet
To see you soar in all your flights
My love, your meant for mighty heights

Song we hum, for all of MAY
As we move close to our special day
Wish we make for all our dreams
You and me, the perfect team

Strangers one night in JUNE we were
Now to forever, one another we care
Still feel the chill of that rainy night
To be in your arms so perfectly right

Month of JULY promises we make
As your lady, my hand you take
Love and honour, respect and care
In the name of God, we solemnly swear

Pitter patter comes the rain
AUGUST grins at the bane
With you beside I stand strong
You holding me, nothing can go wrong

Praise the month, SEPTEMBER so named
With my thoughts, the Gods this month had aimed
My most precious, everything to me you are
Meant together we are, so says the star

OCTOBER is here, a candle I blow
Can you read my mind, my face does it show
My every thought, every wish you make come true
You in my life, other wishes oh so few

Pray this month longevity assured they say
Not just NOVEMBER, for you I devote my everyday
To be called by your name, my every breath
To be yours even after death

Another year through, DECEMBER is here
We are forever, know so clear
Stronger grows our love as passes the hour
Ever mine ever thine ever ours