Wednesday, July 31, 2013

From This Moment...

" I do swear, that I'll always be there
I'd give anything and everything, and I will always care
Through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow
For better for worse, I will love you with every beat of my heart..."


Wandered did I, lost, on my own
Though faces everywhere, I was all alone
Cried my heart out, voice was coarse
Shelter I had, yet closed were the doors

Way of life, thought was now this
Eyes were misty, giving happiness a miss
Scared to smile, shunning life's joy
In the game of life, left rendered a toy

Had given up, left nowhere to go
A sudden, life changed its flow
Something was different, everything felt new
And then my love, I found you

In your eyes, I found meaning again
With your smile, vanished my pain
The life I lived, now came alive
With you now, depth of love I dive

From this moment, I give myself to you
Forever and ever, to be close to you
To have you hold me, always by your side
Love in your heart, now I'll always find

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An Old Friend

This is the end of mine,
Too many people, too many thoughts,
Too many reasons to stay aloft...


When the world I built, around me crumbled
And fall did I, amidst the rumble
There was no light above penetrating so deep
Grasping the finnale, heart missed a leap

Tumbling I rolled, path so dark
All my beliefs turning to farce
Fear written all over me
What was of mine, now to be

Lost, shivering was I in the chill
Till a shadow of warmt, my being did fill
Unsure, of everything around
Now had to face the truth, surround

No more was I, a bag of flesh and bone
Everything was mine, and yet nothing i own
Thoughts fleeting, no more was I tied
Everything set free, no reason to hide

A smile I recognise, A tear I see
Memories of yore, slowly they flee
I remember a touch, the embrace I blush
All of them beside, now they rush

Your eyes I see penetrating the lies
No more a shadow, your hands play the dice
Heard of you did I, in stories of yore
A visitor am I, now at your door

Coming closer to me, uncertainty you read
And in a swish, hand me a deed
All the rights and wrongs face me now
The greatest of all, you say is love

Stunned I stand, seeing it all
Can do nothing, at the wall
Mistakes made, though unaware
Loved too have I, my heart now bare

Looking into my eyes, you smile for me
Know you now, your an old friend I see
At life's crossroads often have we met
Things in motion , again you set

Whisper in my ear, a story new
It all comes back, a forgotten view
Everthing I see, all that was
Story does go on, without a pause

I have been here before as I shall be again
Sometimes leaving in peace, at times slain
Setting forth, this journey of mine
And when return, with you I dine

Might I forget, on a date morrow
Aware shall be, Time that I borrow
With a message depart, a field of daze
My old friend, we shall soon embrace