Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Quicquid Opera...

Stretches across the horizon, a colour so true
Magician somewhere above, with his hands he drew
Stunned looks the crowd, wanting to own
If not forever, for a while they want to loan

Joy does it bring, a smile on your lips
If it could be touched, would shout out dibs
Pretty as a picture, painted on the skies
But is it the truth, or just lies

Trail it do all, follow its path
Believing, they do play a part
Happiness is promised, precious treasure at end
But lost are those, who follow this end without a bend

Dreams galore we see, be it light or night
Hopes high we sail, mighty as a kite
Wish we on horses, for them to come true
The reality though there is, far and few

Black or white, now who does draw line
Convince do we, that everything is fine
Words and reasons, all is covered
Towards the mark, steps move forward

Heart made strong, believe they must
Else everything they realise, is but dust
Accept then they do, perks and the quirks
For in the end it is, whatever that works