Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Burn Them All...

A little dream, held in my heart
To live my life, right from the start
I did trail , the path before
In search of the promised lore

Lied and hurt, have I always been
In the rain, so my tears are not seen
Broken and bent , so many times
All my dreams, forgotten lines

This life that I have - is mine
To live then, should I pine
Every night now that I sleep
Is it fair, that I weep

Lost were my hopes, when I found you
Made me smile, gave me a life brand new
Dreams again , and to build there was will
Held me strong, as we went past the hill

Strangers were we, till the Gods thought else
Lord Mother, too did bless
To live and die, but together
Our love is, meant to be forever

The world we live in , nothing is pure
People around, control by fear
This that we have, to break they try
To have their way, oh how they lie

Men cant bend, what the Gods did make
To the Supreme , our cause I take
At stake I put, every prayer - merit gained
To stop this lie, self pretend

I call on to them , to hear my plea
For at their feet, is my lee
Always did trust, no question asked
By your grace, glory I have basked

Loved you have I , conscious clear
More than my life, Gods you are dear
Say the word, I give myself to you
But this lie of life, may the hours number few

On my knee, I call you forth
Forgive me please, if I have invoked your wrath
Eyes are wet, stretch my hand
Beloved Lord Mother, help me stand

None I have, but for you
Help me Mother, for I love you
Reason for my tears, make them fall
Dear Mother, Burn them All...

1 comment:

  1. Your work reminds me of what little I have read of Edgar Allen Poe. No matter the theme, there is hint of darkness or should I say pain. May be that's what makes your piece so imapactful. Again I find myself at short of words to appreciate this completely