Sunday, July 5, 2015

Let it be...

The battle done, rest my sword
And all I see, is blood around
Tried to avoid, this for long
Knowing it came to this, feels so wrong

Look up now, tears stream down my face
Everywhere I see, just ablaze
Try to stand, maybe move
Things had to be done, behoove

How long then, can one lie
Live for the world, but inside die
Ask but, was this the only way 
And I pray, it ends this day

Played my cards, all of them
Let it stop, this condemn
They call it precious, a gift
Dear Mother, let it not drift

In your name, laid my trust
Make it right, do what is must
Am your child, look up to you
No more tears, a life brand new

No fame or glory, do I ask for
Just to live my life, forever more
No conditions, no more pretense
Only happiness and joy, so be hence

Hecate, Goddess of dark night
I call upon you, to make things right
Transform all the negative, thoughts and pain
And help my life, be whole again

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