Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leaves of Autumn

Some waits never end...

With dreams in my eyes, I sit here and wait
Knowing you for so long I know you'll be late
Yet I sit here waiting for you to come
I do have for company the setting sun

Though it's been so long
I still feel you all along
Your thoughts, your words, your whisper...
A lady here calls for her dog - Casper

There is a wait so visible in my eyes
I try to hide it with my umpteen lies
But then how do I lie to myself
Or hide all my pains in an antic shelf

Lost in a reverie of day's gone by
I try to distract myself, I dont wanna sigh
But the memories flooding into me;
What we've lost, they want me to see

Why did it happen, what went wrong
Thought we could keep ourselves from the bad world around
Were they just dreams we once saw
Or are we mere pawns abiding anothers law

Am stil here waiting, on my own
Yet i keep hoping you'll soon take me home
Walk beside me a couple in their prime
I sit here and wonder, will this joy ever be mine

Tear's well up, I cant stop them now
All I pray for is a little bit of love
The sun's set now, birds have gone home
Sitting here this twilight, I am but all alone

In autumn the tree's, do shed their leaves
But can everything thats tattered, be made right with just a seive
As time passes, disappear the leaves that have rotten
Aint life too fragile, like leaves of autumn...

Friday, October 23, 2009

not today....

Everybody as their own special day. A day long awaited...a day planned from a very long time.But what happens when the day arieves and your wishes dont come true, all your thoughts for that day take a different turn...
its a pain that can never be forgotten...

Everyday morn does rise the sun
We wake up with new dreams, hoping for some fun
What does the day hold, we never do know
At the end, would we feel nice or just plain low...

Ticking of the clock, they say is predictable
Just as before the final fall, the ball does dribble
Wish we too would know what to expect
Maybe then we could prepare, rather than drowning in the depth.

When actually did ego find its light of day
Why does our life depend on what it has to say
We might have our issues, so does everyone
Death can be brought with just a look, not always with a gun.

Had waited for this day, for a long time now
Is it too much to ask for a little bit of love
Just this day would have made all the difference
Atleast today, wish I had been your preference

Wanted to be held, tight in your arms
The only place I feel safe, away from all harms
You were the only one i wanted to be with today
Look into those eyes of yours, deeper than the blue ocean's bay

Nothing is it, I would have asked for
Sweet would have turned my day, but it seems to have gone all sour
Why is it the stars failed me this way
Aint this all I prayed every single day

Do you really think I dont cry when am left alone
How my heart breaks when you cut the phone
So many times I have wished I would have been dead
Rather than hear the words, now so often said

I love you my dear is it so hard to believe
I have bared my soul, what more am I to reveal
Look into my eyes am sure you will see
How much it is that you mean to me

This one day sweetheart, I wanted to call it our's
Just to be with you I did pray all my hours
Cant explain the pain felt when atlast you did say
How is it you finally mouthed the words "NOT TODAY...."

Thursday, October 1, 2009

tear's in the rain

" God made the world in six day's, but what is the world ?. It's what you or i see. Whenever someone dies a part of the universe dies too. Everything a person felt, experienced and saw dies with them, like tear's in the rain..."
- Paulo Coelho (The winner stands alone )

'CAREFUL' screams the girl, holding my hand
Presumes I am grateful for this little band;
Her painted nails, pierce through my skin
If not for her, I would have had my win.

She looks at me, thinking I am a fool
Wondering why my face still appears so cool;
Nodding her head, she walks off
I cant help but suppress my laugh.

How did she not notice my eyes
The very one's which have seen so many lies
Maybe then she would have let me end this pain
And forgotten all this like tear's in the rain...

Higher went my castles, up above the clouds
Dreamt I of things, much beyond my bounds
Knew where it is that i wanted to reach
And for this i even didn't mind being a leach.

These aint principles, I was once told
All that I was taught, I seem to have sold
Ready to pay the price, whatever asked for
Even if it meant, turning another life sour.

People were bought, as on a bid
Going back, its a guilt I still haven't rid
If you would call it a performance, I wanted to play main
And now everything feels like tears in the rain...

Came thy breeze I had so longed for
Like an angel from an ancient lore
Weather was pleasant, I used to smile
There was just one number, I always wanted to dial.

Love never is easy, all did say
Be prepared at the end to give your pay
There is no telling what it would ask
For all you know the angel face might just be a mask.

Refused to believe what I had heard
I was happy flying, a little bird
With a grin, my life I would have lain
Dint know then, they were just tears in the rain...

Leaves of autumn over ride my spring
Memories of love pierce my heart, they sting
No mask now, I see my beloved's deceit
In this game called love, I face my defeat.

Fame, Glory, Power; were they really worth it
Threads of life tearing, bit by bit
What do I hold on to, now that everything is lost
Blazing above is the sun, yet I feel the frost.

Played all my cards, have nowhere else to go
On a boat, where there are no oars left to row;
Is this how I end it all, on a busy lane
Else am I to continue, and feel my TEAR'S IN THE RAIN...