Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Christmas Wish

Wishing upon ever star I see
Just one wish it will always be
Cross my heart, close my eyes
A thought I send, to the three men wise

Rode across miles, distant long
In their hearts suppressed, a song
To lay at the feet, of their young king
Mercy received the departed, a wing

Angels around, peace everywhere
The world now had, someone to care
Them too I call upon, listen to my plea
Ask for pure joy, not just another glee

Something to hold on to, something I can trust
With passing time, that wont turn to dust
No glory nor fame, neither riches nor fortunes
Don't want a kingdom, to be one day lost in ruins

The one above, you know it all
You see through me, break the outer wall
Just one name, my heart screams out
He alone, with no doubt

Want him to see, want him to feel
My life laid, for his very seal
To be embraced, within his strong arm
I shall kneel, singing every single psalm

My love, for you my heart does bleed
Its every alter, that I shall plead
Nothing i'll ever need, but your love
Its you love, My Christmas Wish...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Let It Be Me

All I ever want is to have somebody call my name
Pull me tight and hold me; Tell me this is not a game
Someone who would see through all the smiles
And for the smile run distant miles

For all the world this someone, might just be another stranger, man
But for my living, this is the one because of whom I am
All I want is to be by your side
Its in your eyes that I wish to hide

As I see you now I feel the world coming to a stop, for me
Everything disappears, its only you that I can see
No other way will I have it now
Just you baby, I just need your love

Every breathe that I take, every song that I make; Is for you
Nothing that I wouldn't , only if you do tell me how to start a new
All my life, for you I will be
For once love, with you, let it be me.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Best For Last

Even when the world, is dark and grey
Your lost for words, don't know what to say
There is no light , shining anywhere
And you feel there's no one for you to care

Hope is lost, before its found
Despair all around, you feel so bound
You sit down, tears fill your eyes
No friendly face, just stares of ice

Your screaming out, but there's no voice
Look around all you see is lies
None to hold, no one to share
Every step its another snare

But believe what I say is true
You still can trust, there are a few
Smile on your face, will soon reside
You'll forget, you even once had cried

Every tunnel end, does shine a light
Stand up straight, my dear, brave the fight
Live in the now, let go the past
For life does keep, the best for last..

Monday, November 22, 2010

Love The Way You Lie

You pick up the phone, to give me a call
Ask me what was it, I said bout the ball
You remember, it makes me feel nice
For you though, its just a game of dice

Your plans ain't made, for that said day
It wouldn't harm you, to go out for a play
Think about it, say you will get back to me
So many years now, its through you I see

Deep down, am still love's fool
Try to follow, all those said rule
Begin dreaming, wear the black dress
Cross my fingers, don't want another mess

I wait now, for the familiar door's knock
The ticking clock; looks at me, starts its mock
Tale oft repeated, been through this before
Now there's nothing, no love nor sore

You come back, just as we know
Begin your song, hit off at doe'
I don't feel bad, I don't sigh
Its just that, I love the way you lie...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Last Thread

Fingers crippled as I feel the lost
An unknown entity, yet above all cost
A shiver inside, can feel the sink
The pain within, how do I write it in ink

Had taken for granted, a piece of paper it was
Now without, a screech penetrates the heart, a glass
Shattered before, yet held with hope
Everything is slipping, an uneven slope

How do I explain, what it meant to me
Only by its look, my days were meant to be
Bits of my puzzle, held together with one piece
For this wall I have built, these were the only keys

Tell nothing no more, as I find myself moving away
A wandering soul, on an unknown bay
Fragile this feel, but to be molded like clay
If lost never found, the soothsayers say

The only ray in this lonely path
A trapped fugitive, escape; my eyes dart
Aimlessly wander, no where led
In the end a picture it was, My Last Thread

An End With No Death

Mourn do I, unspoken tears do spill
The splinters pierce, yet there is no kill
Funeral there is, but no pain or sorrow
Nor a smile, as I don't want to borrow

Stand I alone, as I feel the burn
Turning to flames, through the lessons I learn
Unspilt blood, loosing its colour
Screams from within, silence begins to holler

Disillusioned, by the way life is
Words which are lost, glee and bliss
Watching I see for what things are
Sentry at the heart, everyone does bar

Not necessary a period, signifies the end
Things still remain, returns end as a bend
No life it is, if counted by only the breath
At times nothing remains, An end with no death

Colour Week

Dedicated to all my friends in class (NMIT, Batch 07)

Wake up on a MONDAY, forced out of bed
Look around the wardrobe, find that RED
If you still waiting, for the start to sink
Cheer up, you may always wear PINK

Yesterday you pushed through, TUESDAY not so keen
Today too a code, that has to be seen
Think of all the sem's that'd passed, all thats been
Now to show your of this class, stick to your GREEN

Unity is shown, so they say
WEDNESDAY is up, and today is GRAY
Rest of the week still left to crack
Why just gray, you may also go BLACK

All these days, each a different hue
THURSDAY lets celebrate, a cloud of BLUE
If its a doc staying away, for an apple
We are engineers, lets come together, a shade of PURPLE

Bring out the bling, and all that clinker
Smile at each other, let go all blinker
ACCESSORISE your best, this is FRIDAY
Scream out your lungs, your heart do say

An angel or a ghost, SATURDAY is WHITE
Lets party this day, forget last night
Been together, three years now
Lets spend our final year, filled with love

Dear Teacher's...

Sitting in the backseat of my class
Hoping the questions give me a pass
I try to hide, do my little evil deeds
And then when caught, begin my pleads

Standing there in front of us all
You do know whose listening or having a ball
Yet, with a smile you let us be
Take your time, our deeds you want to see

Thinking of the latest excuse I walk your way
Still not sure what do I say this day
Look around, take a glimpse at my friends
Alas no help, just see the latest trends

Been here so long
You know whats hiding behind us all
You want to smile, tell us its OK
But your a teacher, these words you just cannot say

Returning to my seat, think of you
Touched my life, so very few
Wouldn't want to say it, wont show it out
Thanks to you, life would be better no doubt

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Getting Over You

Time I spend, trying to dream
Deep within, my heart starts to scream
Hold myself, scared to let go
Else shall be, worse than death's blow

It's not loneliness that scares me now
Dead long time, killed by love
But a feeling stronger, bigger than me
Looks me at my face, asks me to see

Close my eyes, scared of the sight
In my heart I know, what it might
Tried running away, hiding forever
Still it pulls me back, tells me 'never'

Touch of your lips, still lingers on
Meant to be, never was it drawn
Heart within quivers, increases its pace
Can spend all my life, just looking at your face

Am done with dying, living a farce
Don't like the light, prefer the dark
Shall wait forever, be it the longest queue
For there is no; NO Getting Over You...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Need You Now

Don't know what is it that am trying to do
Feel so pathetic, its me am trying to fool
Can't even look at myself, meet my own eyes
The world might believe, but how do I fall for my own lies

Who am I cheating, when I say I don't miss you
Who am I tricking, when I say I don't think of you
It's none but me, that I am hurting
Pick my phone again, try giving you a ring

Staying away does not feel right
Stay awake hoping you will call, every single night
Can't deny the pain nor the tears, that stab my heart
Damn, everything on target, bloody good dart

Want to scream your name, call out loud
But there is something invisible, keeping me bound
Want to break free, but don't think I can
And no beloved, this aint my any sinister plan

Just tell me once, you feel for me
You miss me too, and want us to be
That we can forget it all, begin anew
There's gonna be none, just me and you

This wall around me, shall break
I can smile again, don't have to fake
Shall do all I can, to prove to you my love
Don't know what else to say, I just need you now...

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Last Song..

Don't say a word, make no noise
Lets savor this silence, listen to its voice
Lets listen to our heart beats, feel it this time
Read each other; no script, no mime

To look into your eyes, drown in its depth
Share all those secrets, for so long kept
Fill my very sense, with your every bit
Lay my head on your lap as you sit

Come closer to me, I desire to feel your smell
Maybe this will be the ticket, to find my passage from hell
Unsure how I feel, now that you are here
Never felt so close, so very near

I don't feign, this smile you see
Setting aside the place, your my lee
No pain nor misery when your in sight
Even without the armor, you still are my knight

Don't beloved, don't shed a tear
No matter where I am, you'll always be my dear
Don't look sad, stay the way you are
Close your eyes, you know, I never go too far

No, don't talk about the times we dint get
Maybe this is how our lives were already set
Stop blaming yourself, it's not your fault
We dint know, things will so soon halt

Quit talking, about the pain you wrote my name on
Believe me my love you never were a con
Everyday I had, it was all for you
I am so sorry, the joys I gave were so very few

Before I leave, I want you to know
I have always loved you, this is not how I wanted to go
You filled my life with joy, am so grateful for
You were my savior, there never was an or

Don't want to let go, never could I
Yet strange is time, it only knows how to fly
Together though we are, my hours aint long
Please sing to me my love, The Last Song...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

To Listen To My Tears...

Been tossed and turned, shown the door every time I try
Do they know what happens once its shut, how much I do cry
The tears that flow burn my cheeks, ask me to 'NO MORE'
To not be there only when others want, instead to show them the door

" For honestly don't they know, do they even care
If else why do their eyes, only glare
Each time you go, try showing your love
They push you off, Oh and how

Why should they matter when for them you don't
Waited so long and yet change, they sure wont
If it's a stranger they want, give them just that
You don't need anyone, give yourself a pat

Did come we all alone, and alone shall we go
On the way we meet people, one friend one foe
Journey of yours is long ahead, no point to halt
And each time your bout to stumble, remember the words of this salt "

Been a fool, me, my entire life, time i stop, say 'NO MORE'
Shall pick the pieces of my life and up above I'll soar
Alone shall I face this world, face all my fears
For now it's time, time I listen to my tears...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Shooting Star...

Just like a shooting star
With faith we have reached this far
Would never let it go away
Stay with you all the way

The road ahead might be rough
And the going too might be tough
But as long as I have your hand
Time wont slip like the sand

I see the truth in your eyes
Which shields me from all the lies
Feel a warmth when your on my side
With you around I need not hide

Forever wanna be like this
Only with you I find my bliss
Having you I need not pray
For your all I need, every single day

Saturday, May 29, 2010


You took my hand, looked at me, led me to the dance
Saw your eyes, don't know how I slipped into a trance
You had me taken, the minute you said 'Hello'
I was all your's, matching my feet to the cello

You pulled me close, placed your hands on my hips
Couldn't wait for a kiss to be placed on my lips
So what if we are in a crowd and everybody's around
You've numbed my senses, blocked every single sound

I cant wait to tell the world your mine
Only for you my lines seem to rhyme
I can see you with our kids in the car
Oopsi!!! Am I jumping too far... ;)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fool For You...

" 'Love Is Blind' so said Shakespeare so many times, ages ago. He couldn't have been more right. We know it all, see it all and yet go on to be what they call 'Love Fool'".

A sham, a lie; Was it really this
Were these the one's which gave me bliss
Were it them that I believed every minute
To stare at me now, on my face to be hit

A lie, Was it all; Every single minute that we spent
For me the time, more sacred than the Holy Lent
Were the promises made then, just mere words
Or to fly away in time, mere birds

The dreams shared, were they only mere thoughts
Spoken to add cheer, in my life's drought
Was there really no truth, in anything then
Dint you ever really feel; Or did you always only feign

Tears well up in my eyes now
Made a fool of me, that's how
You were the only one I ever felt
To have you, every altar I had knelt

Turn around, look at me now
Don't tell me in my eyes, you cannot see the love
Why is it you call me a stranger today
Say a word, this very minute for you my life I shall lay

Don't see anything, am I lost
What have I done, that I pay this cost
Can't give up on you; Or lock away the memories in some forgotten shelf
Loosing you I feel am loosing myself

I can't go, any further from here
Only you I see, nothing else is clear
You don't have to do a thing, just give me a cue
Happily I shall be, a FOOL FOR YOU...

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Mother's Heart

" Most often we take animals for granted. We do not realize they too feel. They feel love, loss and to them too their kids matter.."

She look's around not sure what to do
The time she spent with them were only so few
How is it that they disappeared today
To get more food she just went another way

Maybe its a game that they are playing
Strains her ears tries to hear them sing
They must be somewhere around, thats what she is praying
'Lord keep them safe, away from the hunter's ring'

Hopelessly she searches every single path
She's losing her trust, thinking everything is a farce
Somewhere deep within she holds tight her faith
And tries hoping for her pup's, a better fate

After days of unending search
She rests her head against a birch
Never to give up, always on the look out
She shall forever love them, without a doubt...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Only Your's...

This time, I hear you sing
The rush of your laughter heralds my spring
A warmth fills inside my heart
Is this, a brand new start

Been bitten once, am still shy
But there is something about you, that still gives me a high
I wanna take the leap, jump a hill
And tell the world...YOU ARE MINE

So many fights, sure lost count
Though at night, the tears do haunt
I don't have to fake a smile when your around
Just looking at you, my joy is found

Will never let go what we hold
So what if there are only storms, will face them bold
Its forever gonna be, just you and me
And for all my time's to come, am ONLY YOUR'S....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still waiting...

Every drop of rain that falls, makes me think of you
The wind too blows in your way, forcing me a view
Am sitting watching dreaming, hoping you will come to me
And we shall be together, like how it's meant to be

I remember the days gone by, when it was only me and you
Spent time watching the night go by, day turning new
The smile that crossed on your face, with every word I said
I dint even have to speak it out, my very eyes you read

Wonder when did the distance creep, why did you go away
Still know inside my heart, you will come my way
There's nothing more I pray for, nothing but for you
And just for your very glimpse i'll stand the longest queue

I close my eyes stretch my hand, hoping you will hold
As a breeze pases beside me, I shiver in this cold
Am sitting watching dreaming, hoping you will be with me
And we will be together, like how it's meant to be...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beautiful Stranger

Hey you, as I see you go
I feel an arrow pierce me through cupid's bow
Tell me your name, Tell me your story
Stranger, your smile gives me reasons to be merry

Wait up, now don't you leave
Trying to get up I tear my sleeve
I don't understand whats happening to me
But it looks like its with you, I wish to be

You must be something, there's something in you
Such feelings I feel for so very few
Don't be afraid, oh its not a snare
Its with you, my heart I wish to bare

Now you look at me, give me a smile
Pass me your no' to give you a dial
Agree for a coffee but don't call it a date
Is being together our very fate

Not going to mess this, nor shall push too fast
Have a feeling this is meant to last
You want to take it slow, live in the now
But I wonder, is this what people call 'LOVE'...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Love..

Sitting here and watching the world go by
My heart gives out, a silent sigh
Wonder where you are or how you been
It's been so long, since my eyes have seen

Hand in hand we sat, you held me tight
Even when in darkness, I was guided by your light
Looking into your deep set eyes, I felt so bold
To be with you, my very soul; I would have sold

Nothing more did I long to see
Forever yours, I wished to be
You promised to always be by my side
Alas you left my hand, when tough became the ride

When am alone, I can still hear you sing
Look at my finger, it still craves for your ring
Swear this is true ask the ones sitting in the skies
If your love was true, you would have heard me through my eyes

We did choose our ways, you and I
But it still feels so tough, to say goodbye
If it really is as we say, all over now
Why my eyes still moist, I still feel you; My Love...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Angel Of Love

I sit here thinking, its just you and me
Your head on my lap, like how it is meant to be
But as I stroke, your hair that's brown
I can see them waiting, to pull the curtains; bring them down

For almost a decade you led this show
You were my anchor, my sail you did row
Never to give up, always on top
You even did the salsa, with the maid's mop

With a squeaky little bark you entered this gate
You were so scared, thought everything was a bait
Refused to eat, refused to stay quite
My tiny warrior, greeted everybody with a bite

Water was our enemy, oh the #1
Bath time was a ruckus, yet so much fun
There you stood all cleaned and fanned
But once we turn around, you were rolling on the sand

Was it Scooby Doo that I made you watch
Which had to be seen,sitting on the couch
How would you explain, our game of 'Sniff and Trail'
You were a detective, mission 'Criminal's Tail'

All were welcomed, a waggy bushy tail
When you jumped to say 'Hello', they turned pale
You were a darling, not just mine
Seeing you fool around, made everybody's day go fine

Reckless and arrogant, that's who I was
Yet you always loved me, without a pause
Unconditional love, unflinching faith
You stood by me even when I believed, this world was fake

Every little thing I shared with you
You knew it all, others just a few
My tears and my joy, those little evil plans in between
You were my best bud, all through my teen

Now you are surrounded by people you know
No one can smile, hearts heavy; low
This was not how it was meant to be
There was so much more, together, we had to see

As I hold you now, not wanting to leave
I shall remember our time, never ever grieve
And though the messengers of death, surround you now
You shall forever be my Venus- My Angel of Love...

Venus ( Aug 30/2000 - Mar 3/2010)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Missing you...

Feel so lost, as i stare at the mirror
Heart within gallops, a frightened little deer
Eyes are misty, they await
Every single day, but a forgotten date...

At the crossroads, it's just me all alone
Every breath I take I stil feel your cologne
Try to look around, see if your there
Eye's keep searching, path is all bare...

To take a step, which way do I go
Life's lost it's meaning, silence marks my do'
Nothing make's sense, nothing feels the same
Am in a trance, dont even know my name...

Palm I stretch, waiting for you to hold
Please warm my senses, am turning so cold
Numb am I, inside and out
Your my very life, I say it with no doubt...