Monday, June 7, 2010

The Last Song..

Don't say a word, make no noise
Lets savor this silence, listen to its voice
Lets listen to our heart beats, feel it this time
Read each other; no script, no mime

To look into your eyes, drown in its depth
Share all those secrets, for so long kept
Fill my very sense, with your every bit
Lay my head on your lap as you sit

Come closer to me, I desire to feel your smell
Maybe this will be the ticket, to find my passage from hell
Unsure how I feel, now that you are here
Never felt so close, so very near

I don't feign, this smile you see
Setting aside the place, your my lee
No pain nor misery when your in sight
Even without the armor, you still are my knight

Don't beloved, don't shed a tear
No matter where I am, you'll always be my dear
Don't look sad, stay the way you are
Close your eyes, you know, I never go too far

No, don't talk about the times we dint get
Maybe this is how our lives were already set
Stop blaming yourself, it's not your fault
We dint know, things will so soon halt

Quit talking, about the pain you wrote my name on
Believe me my love you never were a con
Everyday I had, it was all for you
I am so sorry, the joys I gave were so very few

Before I leave, I want you to know
I have always loved you, this is not how I wanted to go
You filled my life with joy, am so grateful for
You were my savior, there never was an or

Don't want to let go, never could I
Yet strange is time, it only knows how to fly
Together though we are, my hours aint long
Please sing to me my love, The Last Song...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

To Listen To My Tears...

Been tossed and turned, shown the door every time I try
Do they know what happens once its shut, how much I do cry
The tears that flow burn my cheeks, ask me to 'NO MORE'
To not be there only when others want, instead to show them the door

" For honestly don't they know, do they even care
If else why do their eyes, only glare
Each time you go, try showing your love
They push you off, Oh and how

Why should they matter when for them you don't
Waited so long and yet change, they sure wont
If it's a stranger they want, give them just that
You don't need anyone, give yourself a pat

Did come we all alone, and alone shall we go
On the way we meet people, one friend one foe
Journey of yours is long ahead, no point to halt
And each time your bout to stumble, remember the words of this salt "

Been a fool, me, my entire life, time i stop, say 'NO MORE'
Shall pick the pieces of my life and up above I'll soar
Alone shall I face this world, face all my fears
For now it's time, time I listen to my tears...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Shooting Star...

Just like a shooting star
With faith we have reached this far
Would never let it go away
Stay with you all the way

The road ahead might be rough
And the going too might be tough
But as long as I have your hand
Time wont slip like the sand

I see the truth in your eyes
Which shields me from all the lies
Feel a warmth when your on my side
With you around I need not hide

Forever wanna be like this
Only with you I find my bliss
Having you I need not pray
For your all I need, every single day