Monday, April 27, 2015


Heart, that beats in pain
Hands, crimson with stain
That, which grows deeper in time
Cant cover, with any mime

Deep inside, a pit I feel
Moment of peace, wish to steal
Eyes turned cold, tears streamed
Known once, for the smile they beamed

Battle fought, source my own
Every hit, corrodes the bone
Blood shed, colour same
All hail, the very name

Every blow, bleeds more than blood
Drowning deep, the sorrow flood
No victory it is, that I seek
Will to live, so very bleak

Freedom of choice, be the ask
To grant, is it a task
Be it right, maybe wrong
I be the author, of my own song

To live today, one day die
The journey, not be a lie
Every sunrise, be my own
Want you too, be not alone

My first step, took it with you
Always been, your own view
Lived and loved, in your shade
At your feet, my dreams have I laid

Listen , please - I am your voice
Let us end, this game of dice
Brethren - so called , play their game
All for, long forgotten fame

A glory bestowed, not earned by them
Connected how, only by stem
Graves do cry, for deceit they see
Riches cared, one day shall flee

All are the same, you and I
Makes it clear, the one sitting high
Fears I know, but please see ahead
Fence so built, let us please mend

There may be joy, and happiness too
Life is a mystery, we hold no clue
Nothing lasts forever, we are but clay
Keep no bounty, I don't have to pay

Friday, April 10, 2015

A Flutter

Dark is the night
See no path of light
Into oblivion I stare
Every step is a snare

I breathe, feel it not
Scream, silence fills my lot
I want to run, away so far
Stay, need to fight this war

Shut my eyes, see them close
Open shall now, locked doors
Heart flutters, I do hear
Their voices, so very clear

Long unspoken, no more I fear
For this time, my Gods are near
I call out to them, stretch my hand
On my feet, this time I shall land

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Falcon

High up on the mountain , flame
Where nothing living, can claim
I keep my eyes fixed, glare
Heart beats fast, a dare

Fire, deserted the place
More fierce though, spirit ablaze
Clench my claws, flesh I smell
Highest branch, do I dwell

Flows down the river, a burning maze
Memories below, now only a daze
Protected could I, maybe not
More precious be - me, or my lot

Made not for me, the world of rules
Follow not a crowd, like the other fools
Perish do they, in their attempt to flee
As i stay, watch it burn their lee

To live my life, intend as I
Never to stay, always to fly
High above the clouds, do I soar
And when cornered, you hear me roar

No one will you find, like me
Like another, nor will I ever be
Atop the peaks, fixed my aim
Born to be wild, you cant tame

On my terms, breathe my day
Having lived, in peace I shall lay
More to living, thank being alive
Alive too are the bees , in a hive

Am a bird of flight, mighty and strong
I chose my path, be it right or wrong
Falcon they call me, as I sway
To the mountain peak, I make my way